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Service Commitment

Customers have always been one of PT Panverta Cakrakencana (Panverta) top priorities. The company was established on the basis of service excellence. Panverta makes every effort to comprehend and be pro-active in response to individual customer needs. Panverta ensures that our customers get the highest quality products and the best possible service with full satisfaction.

Providing total solution for its customers is manifested through the technical consulting service conducted based on customer needs. This service is executed by Production Manager and Head of Quality Control and Product Development Department, which ultimately aimed at thoroughly understand customer requirements.

Referring to information gathered during consultation period such as lamination structure, operational condition, packaged product and packaging dimension, Panverta team will then carry out further discussion and analysis. The objective is to create more specific product which would answer the exact customer’s need.

Afterward, Panverta will produce a roll of product sample to be tested in the customer’s machines. Should the product sample meet the intended specification, customer may put an order at small quantity. This service of excellence that distinct Panverta from other plastic film manufacturers.


Sustainable and Credible

Sustainable and Credible are Panverta’s main objective in becoming a leading flexible packaging manufacturers. Panverta’s commitment of quality and service is a keystone in generating the tradition of excellence and delivering added values to customer.

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Quality Commitment

From the outset, PT Panverta Cakrakencana (Panverta) has prioritized quality in fulfilling the needs of its customers. High quality raw materials, the optimum application of advanced machinery, stringent and consistent quality control systems reflect Panverta’s commitment toward quality.

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